BurningAngel: Sexy Walking Dead Zombie Porn with Sierra Cure


Now that zombies have become part of the mainstream world and get discussed on a regular basis we all have that one friend that poses the age old question, “Would you have fuck a zombie?”. If the zombie was the sexy Sophia (Sierra Cure) I think the answer for everyone would be a resounding yes. Even with her rotting skin and her undead heart she still looks great when she is bent over with her nice round ass up in the air and her tattooed thighs spread so we have easy access to her pierced zombie pussy. Check out this disturbingly hot update from BurningAngel‘s The Walking Dead porn parody.

BurningAngel: Sophia the Sexy Zombie
Burning Angel writes:

Good news! Carl found Sophia! 🙂 Bad news! Carl found Sophia and she is a zombie. 🙁 This means Wolf-Carl has to fuck Sierra Cure-Sophia in the mouth and give her a cum shot to the face to take care of that whole “zombie” issue. Will he make the best of Shane’s advice? Find out on this thrilling episode of BurningAngel’s THE WALKING DEAD! At least Carl took some selfies to remember the moment.

BurningAngel: Sophia the Sexy Zombie

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