BurningAngels: Veruca In Spandex Stage Sex


Lights, Camera, and Spandex in this hot scene with Veruca James. If you are one of those who get turned on by the look or feel of spandex you will probably love this video. Veruca James is wearing a pair of the plaid spandex and a leather jacket. She is looking especially hot on that stage. Nothing could make it any hotter other than having a hot guy up there with her. Oh wait! There is a hot guy on stage with her, and you can see his love for those oh so tight spandex bulging right between his legs.

Personally I haven’t worn spandex since the late 80s. It is obvious there are still some out there who love the spandex.Veruca James looks especially sexy in them with that bomb ass body she is rockin. I guess if I had a cock I’d want some of that to. She gives the sloppiest blow jobs and looks great while she is getting fucked. She really gets into it. They give that stage a little work out. The gentleman cums all over Veruca’s spandex and she licks off like a tasty treat. It’s a hot vid. I believe Veruca James makes it worth watching.

BurningAngels: Veruca In Spandex Stage Sex
Burning Angel writes:

It’s no secret that we have a spandex fetish at BurningAngel, so that’s why we’re very excited (and aroused) to share Veruca James being sexy as fuck in the stuff! She’s sporting a sick pair of plaid spandex pants and a cropped jacket that is not much more than a second skin, showing off her perfect curves, while getting her pussy pounded on stage like the porno rockstar that she is!

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