GothicSluts: Pale Skinned Fetishy Larkin Love


Larkin Love shows off her creamy complected assets in this fetishy boob-tastic new update from BlueBlood’s GothicSluts. She’s got her thigh high patent fetish boots with the stiletto heels and some sexy stockings poking out the tops. I really like her barely there cream lace bra, showing hints of her tasty nipples. Larkin Love has such a great body and this series highlights it well. Much of it is shot from a submissive point of view, looking up at our dominant Mistress and she opens her hot ass for worship. Larkin Love‘s tongue looks like special effect, I mean, I know it’s real since I’ve seen it on video, but it really looks like she’s got some sort of tentacle monster in her mouth. And to be clear, it’s a tentacle monster I’d love to tangle with.

Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Larkin Love looks lacy and fetishtastic in this shoot, lensed by yours truly and Forrest Black. Larkin is elegance and intense sexuality in the same package and I’m super happy with the way we were able to shoot this so that really comes through in this series.
–Amelia G

GothicSluts: Pale Skinned Fetishy Larkin Love

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