GodsGirls: Splinter Wants Us To Get Clean


The endlessly creative Splinter gives us one the most sexy “Live Clean” PSAs to date with her last set from GodsGirls. If you’re not familiar with the concept, living clean is idea that one should eschew processed foods, alcohol, tobacco, drugs… basically all the ingestible quick fixes for pleasure available within our consumer society. This is the type of series you have to see from beginning to end to fully appreciate it as the message slowly changes throughout the photos. This outdoor series starts out with Splinter seductively smoking, before slowly disrobing and smoking again. This set is highly recommended if you’re into the whole smoking fetish scene as Splinter resembles an early 00s Brody Dalle puffing away. The theme then changes to booze, with Splinter dumping a bottle of white wine all over her sun light tits without drinking a drop. The series ends with Splinter breaking a cigarette in half bringing the theme of living clean full-circle. I was divided on whether or not I should cover this set but I want to give Splinter props for creativity and expressing an overall positive message.

GodsGirls writes:

Splinter’s last self-shot series before her self-imposed hiatus from GodGirls.

GodsGirls Splinter Wants Us To Get Clean

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