BurningAngel: Sexy Severin Graves Dorky Double-Team


I’ve always enjoyed seeing sexy Severin Graves and this new BurningAngel scene is a real treat. Continuing in the BA dirty schoolgirl tradition, punky bad girl Severin Graves has a run-in with a couple of unsmooth nerds, but makes the most of it by letting them double-team her hot body in the storage area. Watching her take both cocks on at once is only topped by the shots of all that nerd-spooge running down her colorfully tattooed chest. I love her ‘shut-up and fuck me’ attitude, let’s just say the acting was convincing on that part. Plus, Severin Graves really looked like she was turned on and excited to do the scene, which I love to see.

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BurningAngel Sexy Severin Graves Dorky Double-Team
Burning Angel writes:

Total fucking dork lords Danny and Wolf blew up goth schoolgirl Severin Graves‘ spot in her secret smoking area. Because they clearly don’t smoke and just wanted to impress this punk bad girl, they ended up embarassing themselves and almost got them all caught by a teacher! The guys were trying to pretend they weren’t freaked out about breaking school rules, but that just gave Severin an idea: BREAK MORE RULES! …by letting them violate her ass and pussy and double-penetrating her in the storage closet!

Starring: Danny Wylde, Severin Graves, Wolf Hudson
Music : Xgirlfriend Experience

BurningAngel Sexy Severin Graves Dorky Double-Team

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