BurningAngel: Krysta Kaos Boning the Homeless


Krysta is a considerate girl and in this BurningAngel update she helps a poor homeless guy feel better about the world. Rather than just giving him some spare change that he would probably just spend on alcohol she decides to give him something that he will never forget and he will enjoy a hell of a lot more. Krysta wastes no time bending over and letting her homeless friend slide inside her tight little pussy, once she has him inside her she can’t help but want to taste her juices on him so she turns around and sucks on him a little before letting him suck on her clit. Before long they are back at it trying a few more positions before she lets him cum all over her gorgeous face.

Krysta Kaos Boning the Homeless
Burning Angel writes:

Krysta had a thing for the homeless guy who hung out outside the coffee shop she worked at. There was just something sexy about him! She taunted him with some leftover bagels the shop was going to throw away, between her awesome ass and the fresh food, the homeless man was putty in her hands!
Starring: Krysta Kaos
Photographer: Kelly Lind

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