GodsGirls: Universal Beauty Vex


Vex looks out of this world in this cute set. She looks great with the stars strewn across her bare flesh and her sexy little tits look great as the lights glide over them. This set might be tame for some harder-core altporn fans but if you look at it from an artistic point of view it has a nice concept and great execution not only from the photographer but also from the model. Seeing Vex’s beauty combined with the wonders of space lead me to one conclusion though. If space was filled with girls that looked like Vex I am pretty sure there would a hell of a lot more people trying to get into Nasa. So please spread the word and motivate our kids to be astronomers and.or astronauts, or at least get them to aim for the sky, and take pictures!

GodsGirls Universal Beauty Vex
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Vex has 13 sets

GodsGirls: Universal Beauty Vex

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