GothicSluts: Tattooed Ms. Poisonous Rings in Saint Patrick’s


Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts brings us a hot new tattooed Gothic girl I don’t think we’ve seen before, named Ms. Poisonous, for their Saint Patrick’s day celebration this year. She’s in a festive green pinstriped skull bikini with matching candy-goth swirled dreadfalls and sexy black boots. I really like her dark and dangerous look and her piercing amber eyes, dramatically surrounded by classically sharp black eyeliner. She has some fun tattoos too. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her. Plus, GothicSluts gives us a free gallery from this holiday themed series, like gold at the end of the rainbow. I bet Ms. Poisonous would be down to drink a lot of green beer with us!

Click a pic for a free gallery from this set.

GothicSluts Tattooed Ms Poisonous Rings in Saint Patricks
Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

I’m happy to introduce you all to Ms. Poisonous with this fun green skulls and pin-stripes bikini set, celebrating the Saint Patric’s holiday. We have a number of silly out-takes that I will have to post sometimes soon, but for now, I hope you enjoy these.
~Forrest Black

GothicSluts Tattooed Ms Poisonous Rings in Saint Patricks

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