CrazyBabe: Larkin Love Getting Hot at the Shady Hotel


Hey what are we watching Miss Larkin Love? Like it really matters, you steal the show. The tribal ink that is embedded into your flesh makes me want to trace the patterns with my tongue. I do get carried away at times when I see beautiful women who express themselves, but I’m sure that you guys don’t mind, hell you are looking at her too! Her big natural tits, her ink, the slight bruising on her thigh makes me wish I was in that hotel room with her. Larkin‘s slightly open mouth makes me think very dirty thoughts and I wish that I could lick her from head to toe. The combination of the black thigh high panty hose, adorned with black lace and boots always drive me wild. She watches the movie in the hotel room during this hot CrazyBabe shoot and slides her panties to the side, showing us her spectacular pussy and keeps her eyes lock on the photographer as she is being shot. Oh to be a fly on the wall while this shoot was happening! Our Larkin screams sex, beauty and power! She oozes lust from her every pore and I will say she happens to be one of my favorites on this site. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future, and I will make sure that I have plenty of batteries on hand! Edit: I also just realized Larkin is on MyFreeCams and, once you set up your free profile, it is easy to find her LarkinLove account on MFC and friend her there!

CrazyBabe writes:

Larkin Love
Shot at the Holiday Hotel in the Bronx
725 Pics of Larkin in this feature

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