GothicSluts: Razor Candi in Black Latex Bikini


It just wouldn’t be October without some really sexy Razor Candi in the treats bag and a Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts always delivers the goodies. In this elegantly shot series, we have Razor Candi with her aqua blue green hair pulled up and she’s shwing off a very slick black latex and zippers outfit that really shows off her amazing body. This is Vampire porn. Not the fangs and gore variety, but if Bela Lugosi had pin up calenders in his spooky garage, I’m sure there would be some hot shots of sexy Goth babe queen Razor Candi.

GothicSluts: Razor Candi in Black Latex Bikini
Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:

Razor Candi posted to Blue Blood VIP in a set by Bodó Janos Attila called Unzipped.

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