EroticBPM: MaryJane Hello Kitteh


I always enjoy good use of Hello Kitty. This is EroticBPM contract girl MaryJane’s 18th appearance on the site. She is incredibly cute and always exudes a mischievous sexuality, like she is about to dare you to do something naughty. She always has the best outfits, while maintaining an approachable girl-next-door vibe in her sets. MaryJane strips off Hello Kitty panties and keeps on some artfully torn fishnets and stripey stockings and old school punk rock electrical tape over her nipples in this set. Don’t worry, she looks great here and there are 17 other MaryJane updates to view her nipples in on EroticBPM. Don’t forget that EBPM also features free cam chats for members. MaryJane was in the party chat last Saturday and odds are good she will be there at 9pm Eastern and 6pm Pacific this coming Saturday too.

EroticBPM: MaryJane Hello Kitteh
EroticBPM writes:

MaryJane: Hello Kitteh
– by killshot
This MaryJane set is brought to you by the color purple and Sanrio Corporation!

EroticBPM: MaryJane Hello Kitteh

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