Cute Young Metal Babe KinkyNirvana


I just found a cute young tattooed Emo/Metal babe by the name of KinkyNirvana and she looks yummy. I like her bad girl doesn’t give a fuck attitude and the Manson she’s blasting really fits the mood. She says her nickname is Tiny Twat too, and that’s just awesome.100 Tokens and she’ll strip to any song you choose tonight. Isn’t technology wonderful? Between MyFreeCamsM and Spotify, you can have any one of thousands of hot girls strip for you to just about any song in the known universe. She just did an amazing show, tattooed ankles behind her head and everything, to Parkway Drive’s Carrion, which was described as Austrailian hardcore? Anyway, it was really hot. I think I’m falling for this evil little girl from Des Moines. KinkyNirvana is one to watch.

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