BarelyEvil: Fashionably Hot Ela Darling


Dressed like she’s ready for an epic shopping fest at your local mall, rebel teen Ela Darling gives us a taste of her wicked stylish ways. I enjoyed that she keeps her dress on for most of the set which makes for fun and sexy up skirt shots. And then this fashionable hussy strips it all off so we can have a closer look at her yummy body and those delicious pierced nipples but we should also mention the perfect amount of pussy shots which don’t disappoint. Some shoppers are about to get a real treat.

BarelyEvil Fashionably Hot Ela Darling
Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

Ela Darling is fashionably hot, but more and more devilish as she strips down.
–Amelia G

BarelyEvil Fashionably Hot Ela Darling

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