GeekGirlsOnline: Nerdee Chii Cosplay


I was just looking through this adorable amateur/home shot series of cutie Cosplay girl Nerdee over on GeekGirlsOnline and she just looks sweet enough to gobble up. She’s all done up Cosplay fancy and watching anime on a lazy afternoon, but decides all she really needs is her cute pink hair accessories and fuzzy ears, so she strips off her shiy frilly dress and nice lave bra and matching panties for the camera. I have to admit that it is amusing to me when a cute girl this young calls herself and ‘old skool’ gamer, but she does look fun to have in any quest group.

GeekGirlsOnline Nerdee Chii Cosplay
GeekGirlsOnline writes:

Nerdee – Old Skool Gamer
Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Occupation: Seamtress, Avid Cosplayer

Table Top: Vampire the Masquerade
Video Game: Give me any Zelda Game!
Movie: Repo the Gentic Opera
Book: To hard to choose! I do love books by Stephen King and Darren Shan!
TV Show: Doctor Who
Quote: “I am the Bad Wolf.”
Computer Setup:
OS: Windows 7
Browser: Internet explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox
Bought or Built: Bought/ Given

Sexuality: BI
Smoker?: Nope
Drinker?: Socially
Partier?: Socially
Mini Bio:
I am 24 years old, with many things I like! into: Cosplay, bondage, fetishes, hardcore, makes me happy: Friends,Anime,cosplay,doctor who, manga, Seth makes me sad: War,hate,break-ups hobbies: Role-Playing online, Watching Doctor Who, Sewing cosplays, watching anime, drawing i spend most of my free time: Sewing new outfits or cosplays fantasy: Cosplay Sex with a doctor who cosplayer I will add wishlists and facebook at a later time!

GeekGirlsOnline Nerdee Chii Cosplay

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