BarelyEvil: Statuesque Razor Candi in Hot High Heels


Razor Candi sure knows how to move that statuesque body of hers, this series almost has a more erotic art feel to it which really compliments her style. She looks ravishing and divine. Her skin is flawless, her make-up and hair absolutely perfect. Alternative beauty at it’s finest. Barely Evil leaves me wanting to see more, not long enough! I could stare at this stunning creature all night.

BarelyEvil Gothic Razor Candi in Spike Heels
Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil writes:

Bodó Janos Attila photographed Razor Candi in these red heels which really show off the way her glorious legs go for miles.
–Amelia G

BarelyEvil Gothic Razor Candi in Spike Heels

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