EroticBPM: MaryJane Contract Girl Cam Party


The kickass weekly free members cam party at EroticBPM is just getting started now. The site has signed super cute MaryJane as an exclusive contract girl. Part of her contract model deal with EroticBPM includes her joining in the fun for all the weekly cam party chats. Apparently, if you mix ginger ale and grenadine and vodka, it is called a bottle. Sounds like a spiked Shirley Temple to me, but that is what some members are drinking right now. The discussion is also about UK hardcore remixes and sausage preferences and tastes. Most importantly, MaryJane is all naked and foxy. I like that the EroticBPM are included with membership, so you can get to know other members and get to know Killshot and the models and there is no meter running and you don’t have to tip. Just a friendly cam party for all.

EroticBPM: MaryJane Contract Girl Cam Party
EroticBPM writes:

» EroticBPM Announces New Exclusive Contract Model
– by killshot

November 07, 2011

Portland, OR – Well into the 12th year online for EroticBPM, Killshot Productions has announced the addition of a new exclusive contract model. EroticBPM will feature new content from “MaryJane” every week in addition to the weekly multi model cam chats every Saturday. MaryJane will be modeling exclusively for EroticBPM and will not be seen on any other adult sites.

MaryJane commented, “I’m super fucking excited to work on EroticBPM exclusively. Not only are the models gorgeous, but the community is awesome, and the site owner is amazing. I’ve never been on a site like this before, and I doubt I’ll ever find a community this tight and connected.”

EroticBPM has had a strong community since its inception with members participating regularly for years on end due to the friendly atmosphere and original content.

EroticBPM gives everyone the chance to get together, meet new people from all over, look at GREAT porn, and perv on all the sexy ladies. It’s nice that you can actually interact with the models and get to know them on a more personal level. Saturday night cam chats are filled with lots of awesome boobs, interesting conversations, and are all around a good time. I love EBPM and everything it stands for, and I’m proud to be a member.” Said MaryJane of the community.

MaryJane has a great personality and really enjoys connecting with members. Working closely with MaryJane will provide a steady stream of sexy content while we continue to push forward with exciting new ideas” Says Killshot Productions’ proprietor, Scott Owens.

EroticBPM: MaryJane Contract Girl Cam Party

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