TheTrainingOfO: Skin Diamond: Day 4


There is something so satisfying about watching a girl as stunning as Skin Diamond pleading and begging. Kink’s submissive training site The Training Of O deliver another intense scene. They get pretty creative with that rope, you’ll see her foot tied to her pony tail like a broken ballerina. Skin Diamond is pushed really hard and doesn’t disappoint the viewer. Tears down the face and a glistening pussy have never been so tempting. Reading through member comments this set rates fairly high, I’m really interested no how much further they can get with Skin in future scenes I was a little confused when they referred to her as Ash, but like the Phoenix she did indeed rise.

The Training Of O writes:

After many attempts at getting the slave’s ransom with no success, I push ash harder than she’s ever been pushed. Her body will be tested with the most extreme predicament to show her that her body without training is her own worst enemy. Her foot is tied to her her hair while balancing on her other foot. This is very grueling on her entire body and it doesn’t take long for the fatigue to take hold.

She is then bound to a box and spread for full access to her tight pussy. Her pussy is clamped and spread wide and then her tongue is clamped and tied off as well. I rip one orgasm after another out of this overstimulated whore.

To end the day, ash is tied atop the Sybian and made to cum over and over until she no longer knows where she is, much less who she is. This is the moment when I move in with the cattle prod and bring her back to reality.

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