BurningAngel: Welcome Freshmen Miss Myra


Burning Angel has a sweet and spooky new girl by the name of Miss Myra. Her hot debut takes place in the Burning Angel classroom setting with Miss Myra peeling off her sexy classic schoolgirl plaid skirt and showing her tasty naked body on the teacher’s desk. From her interview below, she seems like a really cool girl. Burning Angel is making me consider going back to school!

Burning Angel writes:

It’s a new week and we’re starting it fresh…with a NEW GIRL! Yayayay! This is Miss Myra! She likes Herzog films and Nick Cave…and she has a pair of awesome boobies! Say hi!

Starring: Miss Myra
Photographer: Kelly Lind

Getting to know Miss Myra

1. What do you do when you’re not doing porn?
Sulk. Listen to SWANS. Watch “The X-Files”. Collect porcelain cats. Read about Ian Brady.

2. How did it feel having sex on camera? Was it a lot different than sex at home!? How so?
It was exciting! It was my first time doing porn so I was super nervous, but my first scene was with James Deen (my personal favorite before doing porn and a real-life complete sweetheart), so he eased me into it 😉

3.Did you learn any new tricks you plan to use on a special someone at home? If so – what!
Hmmm, I wouldn’t say I learned any new tricks, but voyeurism is very sexy and public sex is my new favorite thing.

4. Tell us what you are doing today (or what you did today, if it’s nighttime).
See question #1. Also, listening to epic amounts of Prince

5. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 5 things with you – and those were the only 5 things you could use for the rest of your life – what would you bring and why?

My collection of Prince + Swans records
A parasol – I am so pale I would never survive on a sunny island!
My cat, Puppet
Nick Cave circa 1984
Cotton candy

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