BarelyEvil: Pretty Pin-up Holly D


I always get a bit proud when I come across of successful models based in Europe and Holly D is certainly successful! No wonder, that girl is super HOT! She is dressed very pinup’y but its set in a hospital theme?! Don’t get me wrong, I love her dress and all but it kinda clashes. Holly D seems to grow hotter and prettier every time, I see her though, that ultra tight ass is to die for! I would have loved to see Holly D work that body some more, wow!

Blue Blood writes:

I’ve been talking to Holly D about having her appear in the Blue Blood VIP for literally years. She lives in the U.K., but fortunately she knows lots of shooters. I love her cherry-patterned sundress. It is just the thing for the well-dressed rockabilly girl to be wearing in the heat of summer.
–Amelia G

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