DeviceBondage: Submissive Asphyxia Noir Gets it All


Asphyxia Noir is so cute at the end of the video when they chit chat after their session, I always imagined her a bit tougher no offense.. It made me smile! The video and set on the other hand, made me into an astounded mouth breather! What an update, this is really a treat for the fans of SM! Not sure if Asphyxia Noir convinced me all the way that she really is into some of the hardcore stuff, she is put through but who can blame her?! She looks super sexy during her shoot, better then ever! Hell fucking yeah, this is hot!

Device Bondage writes:

Device Bondage: Asphyxia Noir is tied spread with the unforgiving chain biting at her ankles and wrists. With a body begging for abuse she is pussy hooked as she struggles to keep balance on her toes. Every move increases the pressure of the hook as two bowling balls dangle in front of her.

Her head and wrists are fastened to a post as her ass is presented for punishment. The good kind of punishment. Her ass is covered in trails of whip tips before her pussy is clamped and spread open for penetration. She can either endure being fucked or enjoy the tug and shake of the clamps. It’s up to her at that point.

Here comes the breaking point. She is bent back by the throat and pressed tightly at the back, creating an orgasm inducing discomfort.

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