Cosmid: Indigo Lucious Boobs and Bod


Indigo has boobs that should go down in history just for being them selves, natural boobs. They go well with Indigo‘s petite body, her pretty pink and great ass – there is nothing bad about this girl and I can be picky. But Indigo is super cute, her body is awesome and she seems like a fun girl to hang out with! Self proclaimed nerd, very interesting ink which hasn’t defaced anything in my opinion!! Indigo has 6 updates on Cosmid, they all seem hotel’ish, I hope to see something a bit more personal from her.

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Cosmid writes:

Here is a new set from a girl with one of the best pairs of boobs on the site. Yes I agree that I wish she would not have defaced them with those tattoos, but who am I to complain.

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