DeviceBondage: Personal Fuck Toy Skin Diamond


The fuck toys and crazy devices used in the sets and videos on Device Bondage are insane, like insane in a good way!! Imagine Skin Diamond, that chocolate tight body strapped to pipes, head under ground so you could only see it on a tv screen while you were fucking her ass hard with the perfect view of her tight shaved perfect pussy? You want that? You’ve got that and I promise that Skin Diamond will love it! Awesome update, high quality as usual and just reading the description from this set and video update will make you start wanting to touch yourself in naughty areas! It did to me….

Device Bondage writes:

Device Bondage: Skin Diamond is turned into my personal bondage fuck toy.

Bound tight and all her holes are relentlessly used. She is strapped into a hovering position. Legs frog tied, arms bound to pipe. She can’t touch the ground to relieve herself from the belts that cinch tighter with every move. Her toned body is worked over with heavy flogging then her pussy is manhandled and vibed until she has no idea what just happened to her.

Skin Diamond is bound on her knees to a post. The clear hard straps bite into her flesh, a vibe is lodged onto her clit. Her mouth becomes the fuck hole that it is. I cover her with clips and cane them. She must get throat fucked with the distractions of the vibe and clip torment. If she performs well enough she may earn an orgasm.

Now that her mouth has been thoroughly utilized, it’s time to put the rest of her holes into practice. Her head is tucked away into a dark metal box in the ground. With her face on display, she has no idea what to expect. Her ass in the air and her body restrained by the metal pipe system. I tenderize her pussy and ass before a big dick is rammed into her vulnerable holes at my will. Skin takes the rigid pounding to please my guests.

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