BombshellBrats: Beautifully boobed Trixie


Boobs to die for, if they do exist, Trixie has them! I love her boobs, just my size and shape. Trixie comes across as the girl next door but with ink – you wonder what she is like in bed, you know? She has a banging body and some interesting ink and I do have a soft spot for glasses – they always make me a little jiggley down below.. Her info says that she loves horror movies and Zombies, Ive got a dog named Zombie so maybe I should invite her over?! She also likes Pepsi – this is definitely my kind of girl!

Bombshell Brats writes:

Age: 22
Physical Attributes: Inked and extra metal
Wishlist: Upgraded everything
Location: The sticks.. Ny
Favorite Things: Loves; horses, outdoors, girls, tattoos, tea and coffee, good friends, cupcakes and anything sweet, nature, ecstasy, marijuana
About Me: 21; girl, living in ny ; I wanna travel: BIsexual: loves being outside, hikes are a wonderful thing, animal lover, I’m a marijuana smoker and not much of a drinker; horror films are my favorites, zombies wil take over the world one day; this worlds going to hell; aquarious, addicted to; pepsi, cupcakes, laughing, and good sex. 🙂

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