Kink on Demand: Skin Diamond and The Loan Sharks


Skin Diamond is a petite, sexy, erotic performer and adult actress who does not shy from kinky hardcore sex. In this roleplay of submission and bondage, she gets herself in deep trouble with a pair of loan sharks who will get what belongs to them, one hole or another. Never letting up until the end, Mr Pete and Mark Davis put Skin through a myriad of sexual acts that has Skin‘s sensual deep voice echoing through their chamber office set throughout the shoot. Skin is the consummate masochist, enjoying her punishment of whips and dicks alike. It was refreshing to step away from the vanilla of Hefner-pasteurized glamsex and hear the moan of ecstasy after flesh-slap.

Sex and Submission writes:

Sexy Skin Diamond tries to skip town to avoid a large debt with two shady loan sharks. They find Skin and make her work off the money through rough sex, bondage and domination! Skin Diamond gets extremely turned on from Mark Davis and Mr. Pete stripping her down, man handling, anal bondage sex and double penetration!

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