Burning Angel: Double Penetrated Goth Girl Shay


Burning Angel posted a beautifully executed double-penetration scene with creamy skinned Goth babe Shay taking two big cocks every way she can. This is a really hot scene and even the photo set is very satisfying and very well shot by Kelly Lind. Shay looks great and watching her expressions as both her tight little ass and pussy are simultaneously fucked full of big hard cock is a real treat. Sometimes I complain here that photo sets of hot scenes seem truncated and give the feeling that a lot of the action was missed, but not this one. It’s really great. I don’t think they needed the ‘cheerleader’ roleplay/pretense but the sex is hot and exciting. Getting to see thick streams of cum splattered and running down Shay‘s I Am Not Afraid chest tattoo is pretty special too.

Burning Angel writes:

Three cheers for DPs! Woohoo! Shay was a cheerleader in high school, but she has decided to use her skills for the sake of filthy sex rather than for the sake of school spirit. Give me a D! Give me a P! What does that spell? DP!!!! Wooohoo! Video coming up next..
girl: Shay photographer: Kelly Lind
pics: 79 type: Sex

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