GodsGirls: Neko Enjoy the View


I looked at Neko’s most recent photo set on GodsGirls and it made me smile. Neko is just gorgeous and has cat ink and her GodsGirls profile says that her weapon of choice is kitty ears, which is also awesome. I wish they would credit her DIY photographer because these images are really beautiful and don’t look self-shot to me. Neko has an almost ethereal beauty with her elegant fae face and it contrasts in a really nice way with her very brightly colored pretty tattoos.

I have to say that sometimes I really wish that membership sites in altporn did not encourage girls to write depressing blogs. I see someone like Neko and she is incredibly pretty and glamorous and presented in this totally ideal way in pictures. It just really ruins it when I read her blog and it is all about how she is dead broke and has a really big phone bill and her new jeans are busted and she had her nose fixed and she wants $15,000 to fix it a third time — when it already looks perfect — and it just goes on and on.

One of my favorite things about altporn is the glamor and excitement of it and thinking about what it feels like to hang out with my coolest friends. It is just depressing to have some gorgeous perfect goddess going on about how her life sucks. If I have to read that her life sucks, how am I supposed to not be depressed?

GodsGirls Neko Enjoy the View
GodsGirls Neko Enjoy the View

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  1. Cutter

    That brings up an interesting question. I know if I paid models to be at my party or club to liven things up, I wouldn’t want them just hanging around talking about their problems. But journals and blogs are supposed to be a little slice of reality. How responsible for being upbeat should a model be when she participates on a site for members? Is it their job to not be a downer or talk about their financial needs all the time? Is it a site’s responsibility to discourage that, or should they even care? Neko is ridiculously hot though.

  2. Mette_Th13teen

    Yeah, she is very hot! And its definetely an interesting discussion, what a models job is when it comes to participating in a community!
    There was 1 thing in the article that I was wondering about: “I really wish that membership sites in altporn did not encourage girls to write depressing blogs”
    How do sites encourage depressing blogs?

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