GodsGirls: Lux Goosebumps Up Close


I think Jackson may only shoot Lux for GodsGirls or at least this is the first time I noticed his byline, but this Goosebumps set is really sensually appealing. Actually, this is Lux‘s 12th nice appearance on GodsGirls, so I don’t see how I just noticed. Anyway, I am usually not a fan of really close up body part shots, but this set really makes it work. There is a cool intimacy to it, like you are there with Lux having sweet pillow talk. It doesn’t hurt that Lux is a very lovely girl with the sort of beautiful skin you want to get close to. I like her cool eyelashes too.

GodsGirls Lux Goosebumps
GodsGirls writes:

Model : Lux
Description : Lux has something she wants to tell you. But you have to get very close to hear it. Shhhh…..
Photographer : Jackson

GodsGirls Lux Goosebumps

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