GeekGirlsOnline: Poetry Nerd Raven Skye


Continuing with our nerdy girl theme today, our friends over at GeekGirlsOnline just added a sexy series of cute reader Raven Skye. Unlike some sites pitching their girls as nerd-chic, Raven here actually has glass in her glasses and I have to say her pulled back librarian do is more than a little sexy. I wouldn’t mind being shushed by this pale skinned beauty.

GeekGirlsOnline: Poetry Nerd Raven Skye
GeekGirlsOnline writes:

Always love to welcome new geeks to the pages of GeekGirlsOnline. This week, we say hello to reading enthusiast & camgirl Raven Skye showing off some of her faves: Edgar Allen Poe, J.D. Salinger and Super Mario World.

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