PunkGrl: Pornstar PinUp Holly D


I always love getting to see more sexy Holly D and she’s looking very hot in those stockings. This set is a weird mix of sophisticated pin-up and playroom dressup. The garter looks great but those trainer heels just look wrong, she’s got a posh looking Apple martini but she’s on a giant baseball mitt for a chair. And even though I really like her regular hair much better than what she’s go on here, I do like the playful dressup feel for this new PunkGrl series. She’s got some good looking new ink too. Now somebody needs to send me this porn she’s done that people keep telling me about.

PunkGrl: Pornstar PinUp Holly D
PunkGrl writes:

Alt pornstar Holly D looks ravishing as a PunkGrl pinup in our lastest exclusive set. Pornstar Holly D has made a big name for herself on the alt-porn scene since she made her debut here at PunkGrl.com last year. What’s cool is that like alot of our PunkGrls Holly D is always adding to her tattoos and we get to see the progress as additonal sets go up and as you can see her full Batman sleeve is looking amazing!

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