PunkGrl: Nina Terror is Back


Nina Terror is punk like that blonde girl in Romper Stomper or maybe early (clean) Nancy Spungen. That blonde girl the punk guys think is classy and the punk girls can’t stand. I know girls like her are dirty amazing in bed too. They wouldn’t be in this scene if they didn’t like rough fucked up sex with brutish rebel thugs. I’ve never had a girl in a princess tiara suck me off, not yet, but this shot is making me think about nothing but. I want to see Nina Terror do bad bad things.

PunkGrl: Nina Terror is Back

PunkGrl writes:

When stunning emo babe Nina Terror first made her PunkGrl debut we had an inkling how popular she’d be but we were blown away by the response from all our PunkGrl members. Nina Terror quickly became our most popular PunkGrl of all time so we went straight out and got new and exclusive pictures!

We’ve got big plans with Nina Terror so make sure you check back soon for some very exciting news but in the meantime get your membership for instant access to all our exclusive pics and movies!

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