Payback Baby: Mette Th13teen Interview


We’ve featured Mette Th13teen and her sexy fun photography before, and now that she’s launched her multi-girl AltPorn social site Payback Baby, we thought we’d check in with her and see how it’s all going. From exploring Payback Baby myself, I can say that it’s already shaping up to be a friendly supportive and diverse community with a growing number of interesting people. Having it based overseas gives it a different feel. The people are not the same old scene we’re used to seeing on some of the more established AltPorn sites. Some aspects of Payback Baby do still need a little work, but that’s only because it really is a DIY project, rather than being launched by a multi-million dollar company pretending to be two stoners from Seattle or whatever. I really enjoy the photography, although I’m still not a fan of flash viewers at all, and I wish they used a sans serif font, but these are mostly cosmetic gripes and personal preferences. The site it’s self is enjoyable so far and I believe it will continue in a good direction. We’ve already made some really hot friends on Payback Baby and I love the general attitude of the site.

Payback Baby offers some of the same community features you’d expect form an AltPorn site these days, blogs, interest groups, polls, and that sort or thing, but what makes theirs more enjoyable is the people involved. The topics are fun and the members are worth interacting with. The photography is very stylish and sexy. It’s not quite as explicit as I might personally prefer in a membership site, but it has a quality I enjoy and it isn’t the same old thing over and over like some other sites. I can honestly say that Payback Baby is one of my favorite new AltPorn sites. Here is some more info on the site and what it was like to launch and such from Mette Th13teen herself.

Payback Baby: Mette Th13teen

How has the launch of Payback Baby gone so far? I’ve noticed some really cool people with profiles over there already.

It is going fine, better than expected when it comes to getting members but the members aren’t as active as hoped for, to be honest! The main idea with making it a community with personal profiles, was to give the members a chance to interact and have fun while looking at hot, naked women?! It sounds like perfection to me but I guess, most other fans of alt. erotica feel differently.. Sneaking a peek is probably more dirty than being upfront about it πŸ˜‰ But yeah, we are all happy – I know, I am! I am not the most patient lady out there so a little more action in a little less time would rock but hey, I am really content with the progress so far! As long as we keep getting applications from new models and new members join, I have no reason to complain really…

Now that you have launched, what is your favorite section of the site?

I don’t have one, I think.. Of course, the sets are a pretty big hit with me since I love shooting them both as a model and a photographer!! But the great part is that we have international models also and they have sent in some amazing work and that really makes me go all giddy πŸ˜€ There are some HOT models out there modeling for some really talented photographers and it is really nice to see that these people want to be a part of a thing, I created! What else…?! I do love the personal profiles and photo albums since that is not a thing all alt. erotica site have these days – that makes us a little different from all the other newcomers the past couple of years.. Also, the groups are fun – I get to know what makes these people tick, what gets them off?! I am a people person, so that is also a great feature on the site..

Payback Baby: Scar
Did you learn anything in the process of building and launching the site? Did it give you any new insight into things, or was it pretty much what you expected?

Hmm… I learned that the we have this thing called “Janteloven” here in Denmark – we are not that many alt. models in Denmark and certainly not that many alt. fetish models in Denmark so I did know that “Janteloven” existed.. The ignorance kinda blew me away though.. I try to just turn the other cheek, but I am not a huge fan of ignorance or arrogance so my temper took the better of me a couple of times before I learned to just don’t give a fuck a let them lead their own miserable existence without my opinion πŸ™‚ But other then that, it was kinda what I expected it would be! A lot of hard work, tears and sweat but totally worth it! I have been modeling for a couple of sites and been around for some years now and I have learned a thing a two that were nice to have when starting up my own site.. I have been working with people all my life and a lot of those experiences are pretty good to have too! Not every one takes things as serious as I do, not everyone will deliver on time as I will and so on – I am very old fashioned in that way, respect, responsibility and so on. There is a lot of things, I still need to learn as a person to make it all a bit smoother but I do think, I have some nice qualities too when it comes to leading a site πŸ™‚

What exactly is ‘Janteloven’?

Janteloven is a set of rules from and old Danish book in the 30’es that the Scandinavian people kinda adopted.. It lives well here in Denmark and basically it is these 10 commandments to live by. To sum them all up, it would be something like “Don’t think you’re anyone special or that you’re better than us” – I found a link that describes it very well.

Launching a new site, especially with all those features, is always more work than you probably think it will be. I can’t help but notice that the navigation is still a little quirky. What has been the most challenging part of putting the site together?

Probably finding a guy to work with on it, the 1st couple of guys bailed on me and with very little finance, it wasn’t easy! I did a lot of work on the site as it looks now but not all – I am not very good with codes and shit, so my bf did that and I am very happy that he came through for me… I know that the backend of Payback Baby! isn’t the best, but considering what we had to work with in the end, I am pretty damn proud of the site! I never cared about those things as a model, I cared more about getting my fair share of respect from the owners, getting replies on my emails rather fast instead of having to wait for months, that the site didnt look like complete and utter crap, the quality of the photo sets, that the site updates went up on time and so on.. So Im hoping that people care about these things too and in time, the sites backend will improve so be patient, guys πŸ˜‰ Like you noticed it isn’t completely perfect yet but we
are still working on it and still learning..

Payback Baby: Sarah
We got your members email about people breaking the rules and your new additions to the terms of service, what do you consider bad community behavior?

It completely depends on the community! If it is the getting the good old cock pic once in awhile that bothers you, Facebook or Myspace is way worse than these alt. erotica sites! In our case, it was actually photographers, film makers and so on. Before launching the beta site, a lot a those guys wrote my personally and gave me a really hard time; I would never get anywhere, no one would ever want to work with me and so on. Some even came after me personally, apparently I am butch, ugly, come off German (I don’t even wanna know what he meant by that) and so on?! After launching the public site, these guys had the nerve to come back and join the site, try to sell shoots to members and some of the models and so on.. That is why we made the changes in our Terms Of Use! No fucking way in hell, call me uptight and what not but I will not play that way and let those assholes prey on my ladies and members!

Other than that, its pretty basic; be nice to the girls, play nice and show some respect! Up until now, we have only had trouble with 1 model and 1 member that resulted in them leaving the site less then voluntarily and that is just fine with me! πŸ™‚ We are all adults and we might not all get a long but it is important to me that we all still play nice on the site!! I hope it stays that way..

You have some really hot and amazing girls, how do you go about finding them and approaching them about working with you? Has it changed since you launched your site?

I totally agree and I am very proud of my girls, even though we are “just” 16 at the moment.. Is it wrong to call them my girls? I heart them!! They have been amazing and really supportive!!! Ehmm, back to your question; we don’t actually find them – we have our promo sites like every one else and they usually find us through there! Thank God! And keep coming, ladies πŸ˜‰ We don’t contact girls anymore with the purpose of having the model for us. Before launching the teaser site, we found the first couple of ladies for the site.. We only asked girls that we knew in some way or another so we were sure that these girls were really into the whole thing! Some are friends of mine and some are models, I met on other sites and became friends with and some are just girls, who I shot a time or two.. Some of the ladies are really serious about their modeling career and some of them just love being on the site and get naked in front of my camera and that is enough for them πŸ™‚ The good thing about it is that it gives us the advantage of having a lot of exclusive girls no one has ever seen before and like you said, they are HOT!

Payback Baby: Gayle Fett
Tell us about all the features Payback Baby offers now, and also, if you could explain the membership pricing structure. I know you can sign up for a basic profile for free, but after that it’s something about euros and I’m an an ugly American who’s eyes glaze over when it comes to monetary conversion rates.

Awwwwww, you poor, ugly American! Ha ha ha ha πŸ™‚ Funniest question, Ive gotten up until now in like forever! Ill start with the features. On Payback Baby!, there are 2 kinds of membership – the standard member and the paying member. The standard member has limited access to the site and is free, that means no access to the other members personal profiles, the sets and so on. The paying members have access to it all, simple as that! πŸ™‚ The features, we offer on the site is 5 updates a week, including 1 photo set. We have our so called “Crushes”, that are reviews of movies, music, websites, shops and so on. You get your own personal profile with your own comment section, guest book, photo album, friends list, hotlist, greeting system, blogs and so on. We also have our groups, were members can create new ones and post topics in and what not! Other than that, there is our chat, our Payback Baby! merchandise shops and our polls, which all are allowed to create also.. It is your basic community with all the goods and shit, we just spiced it up with our sets and our Crushes! πŸ™‚

Part 2, let me try to explain this without getting your eyes crossed and you thinking about Girl On Girl action instead πŸ˜‰ We charge in Euro because of the financial crisis and being based in Europe. When you join the site, you start out as a standard member and then you upgrade to a paying member with full access through Paypal. This is what a private member pays for a full access membership:

30 days: $5.70 USD
90 days: $14.26 USD
180 days: $25.67 USD
365 days: $45.64 USD

We also offer Business Memberships, which allows you to promote your business, post pictures of your products with intent to sell and so on, those prices are different.

30 days: $18.54 USD
90 days: $51.35 USD
180 days: $99.85 USD
365 days: $188.30 USD
Happy now? πŸ™‚

Payback Baby: Yvette Star Molly Sue
What additions and adjustments do you still have planned that we can look forward to?

We are going to offer videos – we already have videos in store for you guys but we still need to figure out some details before going live with that feature. We want it to be decent quality and also to show the female body off in ways, Youtube wont allow us too, so… *Grrrrrrrrrrr*. So keep around for that, that is a promise! We are also considering other things like a forum but that is not decided on yet, so I wont go into that to much! There are still some minor quirks and shit, we take care off as fast as we possibly can.. We are still young, we have been public for exactly 1 month today so Happy Anniversary us! As long as the site is up and I am behind it, we will keep improving it and make it a better place to be..

Love to Altporn and all the fans out there from Payback Baby! and Mette Th13teen.

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