Burning Angel: Draven Red Ladder


Draven is so beautiful with her milky white skin and her bright colorful tattoos. I never really noticed the photographer name Destro Damus until recently, but I love the colors he gets with Draven. For some reason, there seem to be a couple sets on BurningAngel where Draven is on a ladder. On this one, the room is an exciting mysterious red, but, at the top of the ladder, there appears to be a big carton of boxes of Kellogg’s breakfast cereal. I’m probably the only one who noticed this detail next to Draven’s hotness.

Burning Angel: Draven Red Ladder

Burning Angel writes:

This is Draven. This is Draven naked. This is Draven naked on a red
ladder. Any questions? Have a great weekend!
girl: Draven photographer: Destro Damus
pics: 80 type: Hardcore

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