FattyD: Glamazons


Creative director Carlos Batts delivers the third in his April Flores centric art-porn series, which originally kicked off with Alter Ego. April has such good chemistry one film as well as pictures and it’s always fun to see more of her. Glamazons gives us some interesting voyeuristic insight into April’s sexy life as her sexual star rises. I would like to see a little more footage of things like her art-nude drawing parties and fan signings and other real life coverage, but I know there are also some people who might not be into more of that. From what we’ve seen it does have a bit of a documentarian feel than standard porno though and although it can come across as a bit indulgent in it’s production, these guys really are exploring their media and it’s fun to be along for the ride.

FattyD: Glamazons

FattyD writes:

FattyD: GlamazonsGlamazons is the 3rd act in the documentary series directed by Carlos Batts. The series was initiated by the art film Alter Ego, internationally received followed Voluptuous Life. Glamazons stars April Flores, who according to Bizarre Magazine is “The worlds biggest sex star. Glamzons is the digital evolution of a model to a muse now Sex Star. If Paul Rubens or Egon Schiele had a camera they would be on April facebook page, setting up a photo session with her. April is part of the lineage of woman that have inspired the masters through out the history of art.

Glamazons is April Flores at her most sensational, a voluptuous delicious woman who inspires creative energy and provokes the possibility that the video camera is the new paint brush. April Flores the 21st century MUSE invites us inside her seamless exotic photo sessions; Downtown Exhibitionism and Solitary FattyD: GlamazonsFun where sexy is the new fetish. Starring: April Flores, Ruby Violence, Jerry…guest appearances by Alix Lakehurst, Blue and her Pole Dancing Friends, Quin, Honey & Jersey.

Featuring music by: The One, hustlePUNCH, DHUNDEE, Dirt & Bank, BHAV

April and I first thought of this as an extension of the photography we’d created the first 4 years of our relationship. We shot so much, all the time; we just needed another medium to help document the speed at which we recorded our lives. After making Alter Ego we were hesitant about doing another video project because we were not trying to make a pseudo artist adult film, or gonzo porn. We just wanted to try to document our lives for artistic reasons. The video camera became a natural extension of the art.

FattyD: Glamazons

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