BurningAngel: Asphyxia


Don’t worry Joanna, Asphyxia would probably make me drool my iced tea down my chest too, and I haven’t even been to the dentist in a long time. What a beautifully sexy individual she is, check out that slamming body and her cute tattooed pixie face. In this Burning Angel set, Asphyxia gets right down to it in a run down hallway, peeling down her tight jeans to show her hot panties and then going on to finger her tight hairless puss for the members. It’s very sexy and right to the point. I still don’t like the funky flash image viewer and I have to reload a bunch sometimes to get the image to actually show, but it’s worth the extra effort for girls like this.

BurningAngel: Asphyxia

BurningAngel writes:

I had to get a bunch of dental work done the day Asphyxia came to visit me. My teeth were numb, and when I attempted to drink an iced tea, it all kinda dribbled down my shirt and went all over my face. That sucked. I totally blew it…Asphyxia – give me another chance…please? I swear, I am totally smooth on most days…I swear.

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