PunkGrl: Tattooed Beauty Aiyla-Beau


Wow. I used to subscribe to a lot of different tattoo mags, but these days sites like PunkGrl are just a far superior value. I love getting to see beautiful ink work like sexy Aiyla-Beau here has, from nearly every sexy angle. The light touch on the cherry blossoms is very impressive. Aiyla-Beau would look great with or without the tattoos, but I sure am enjoying her collection. Glad to hear PunkGrl has a lot more of her in store.

PunkGrl: Tattooed Beauty Aiyla-Beau
PunkGrl writes:

Being the UKs foremost alternative website we just love girls with tattoos and I think new PunkGrl Aiyla-Beau is our most heavily tattooed babe to date. We just can’t take our eyes off Aiyla-Beau because not only is she sexy as hell she has some seriously impressive ink to boot!

Get your membership today as it’s fairly clear how popular Aiyla is going to be here at PunkGrl.com so we’ll have alot more members only sets in the coming weeks and months

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