Deviant Nation: Jessie Lee: Fire Escape


Here is a smoke break I wouldn’t mind taking, and I don’t even smoke. This is kind of a different looking set for Deviant Nation, or at least a departure from what I’ve come to expect from them. It’s more gritty, spontaneous, creative, and hot, which isn’t to say that their other sets don’t also have those qualities, but this seems different. I mean, when do you get closeups of hot alt-model a-hole on Deviant Nation? I love the setting and for a night time shoot, the lighting is really well done. Our friends over at ithinkthatshot know their way around shooting in the dark. I really love the shots with the glowing city lights far off behind Jessie and she climbs up the fire escape naked too.

Deviant Nation: Jessie Lee: Fire Escape

Deviant Nation writes:

We love following JessieLee up the stairs to a rooftop.
Photographer: ithinkthatshot

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