Zivity: Apnea Can Has Schwing


Beautiful photographic muse Apnea has demonstrated her charming power to move the masses again with her recently posted Zivity collaboration with SuperCult‘s Chase Lisbon. Their photographic contribution has not only broken the site’s all time record for most set votes within a 24 hour period, it has also now received more votes than any other set ever posted to the site. I have some reservations about very heavily funded UGC membership sites that not only pay for their content contributions based on ‘votes’ (traffic) you as a contributor manage to get yourself by doing their promotion work for them, but also also manage to deliver that payout significantly after they get to use your contribution. People seem excited about the system, but I know a few alt models that have made more money than this set will probably eventually pay out, simply by signing up for the affiliate programs of the alt sites their sets go up on and doing the same sort of self promotion, and they get paid faster too. Anyway, it is good to see Apnea really making a power statement and these really are some very sexy stylish photos deserving of accolade.

Zivity: Apnea Nude

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