Deviant Nation: Anja: NYE Staying In


Looks like Deviant Nation‘s sexy Anja has the right idea and will be staying in and playing with her cute new toy to ring in the New Year. Now I must say that if you put sex toys in photo sets, it really isn’t fair that we don’t get any pictures of them being used. There is nothing wrong with a girl like Anja having a good time, so there is no reason to be shy about actually showing it to us. If you do think there is something wrong with showing it to us, then leave the toys out of the shoot. Otherwise it’s just frustrating. It’s like your friend telling you they are going to a NYE party you were not invited to. Anja does look nice as she’s getting ready though, coating her hard dark nipples with gloss and powdering her chest, trying on her lush purple panties, curling her eyelashes with one of those horrible medieval implements girls use to creep us out. Happy New Years Anja, I hope you have a great night and a wonderful 2009.

Deviant Nation: Anja: NYE Staying In

Deviant Nation writes:

Anja gets ready to ring in the new year tomorrow night with her favorite toy.
Photographer: Megu

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  1. Fedora

    I am almost positive DN would not accept or publish any images with penetration.
    I have toed that line before and was told implied might be ok, but not showing off the insertion. They want to stay soft-core.

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