PunkGrl: Skinny Izzy in Baggy Jeans


Ok, thin Izzy isn’t squarely my flavor (besides, isn’t she the girl that stepped on mah vinyl?), I mean she’s more the kind of girl I could see babysitting and trying to keep her from jumping on the bed. The kind of girl I want to win an over sized plush toy for at the county fair. I bet her mom is hot though…

PunkGrl: Skinny Izzy in Baggy Jeans
PunkGrl writes:

There’s something really sexy about a skinny girl simply in a t-shirt and baggy jeans. Today we’re in the studio with Izzy from Liverpool as she strips from her baggy jeans just for PunkGrl members. I’ve never been a fan of the skinny jean, I can’t wait for the grunge-esque baggy jeans to come back into fashion. We need more sexy rock girls like PunkGrl Izzy in their baggy jeans!

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