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For those that haven’t had the pleasure yet, you should all take a moment and go check out our friend Fedora’s site FedorasBox. It’s a growing eclectic mix of thoughtful blogging, erotic photography, and more. I like it’s cozy feel and I think some of you will enjoy what she’s up to as well.


FedorasBox writes:

On Christmas, I met people and got/gave presents. There was food, wine, and conversation. Oh, and there was a stockpile of hugs. Aww…The day after Christmas, I had a naked photo shoot with Elora. Isaac from California photographed us. We cuddled in corners and in front of my fireplace, many images to come.I have manifested a group shoot for fedorasbox.com in a swanky house on a nearby island. If you want to model, let me know. Yesterday, Peter Birch came over and he took my picture. It was fun dressing up in men’s clothes…and masks…Who here is a fan of Robert Anton Wilson? I am reading Ishtar Rising and it is totally great. (I am such a nerd with my silly silly adjectives.) Anyway, this book is about human sexuality from a pragmatic and biological perspective…that and lots of one-two-punch.Oh! I bought a webcam today. So, yeah. Stick that under your hat.I am going to go watch Balls of Fury, now; so, have a good night.

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