GothicSluts: Redhead in Gold Fetish Corset and High Heels


Blue Blood’s GothicSluts has got to have the best collection of sexy corsetry I’ve seen on any site, Alt or fetish. They have high end corsets from every designer I’ve ever heard of and they show them off on the finest sexy gothic girls. Kendra would already look super hot with her sporty trim figure and full moon skin, but the addition of the sparkly gold half corset and matching pasties makes this a hot berlesque performace worth not missing.

Kendra James Corset
SpookyBlog writes:

I have not had the pleasure of checking out Kendra James before. Here’s the luscious redhead in a gorgeous gold corset, pasties and high heels get her a gold star in my book. She’s got bright eyes with a mischevious look in them, and a magnificent body which she shows off to great advantage in this GothicSluts set.

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