Apneatic: Chicken Heads


Mark McKinney’s Chicken Lady was one of the most depressing characters on Kids in the Hall and I just couldn’t get the thought of her out of my head while checking out this crazy set from Apneatic. I do really enjoy the odd surrealistic approach she takes in a lot of her shoots, they seem really fun and creative and not always as focused on ‘you want me very badly, don’t you’ as some girls can get when they are in front of the camera, Apparently, these were shot by Lithium Picnic sort of behind the scenes style, while Robert Sebree was shooting Apnea out in the California desert. Apnea is hot and all, but the chicken mask is not nearly as sexy as her panda head.

Apneatic: Chicken Heads
Apnea writes:

Today was Take Your Picnic to Work Day, so to help him pass the time, he took photos of me working with Robert Sebree out at El Mirage outside of Los Angeles. Then after I was done freezing my ass off we found a little house. Yea, these are pretty amazing. Welcome to my life.

Photos by Lithium Picnic

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