Michelle-Aston: Black Rubber Hood


Kinky AltPorn star Michelle Aston really brings the edgy daring perversion to the genre like no other. For a form that’s supposed to be about punk rock rule breaking and in your face sexuality, I’m always amazed that the Alt genre gets so namby pamby when it comes to outright depravity. With Michelle, you really have no idea what’s going to happen next. Sometimes she’ll be artistically exploring light and shadow and form like a true independent film maker and other times she’ll be challenging her limits and testing her ability to fit her fist in her ass. I love her ability to consistently confront the viewer and confound their expectations.

Michelle-Aston: Black Rubber Hood
SpookyBlog writes:

There’s something extra dirty about the behind-the-scenes feeling of this Michelle-Aston.com set, where the goth babe gets tarted up in black fishnets, leather collar and a rubber hood and services an acrylic dildo — and a black one, too — in a Satanically-lit server room. Michelle’s just doing her part to make technology accessible.

Photography by: Manuel Urquizar

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