BurningAngel: Sinead!


Speaking of sexy little updates that slipped by us, this cute series shot by the lovely Brenda featuring adorable little Sinead is really playful and hot. She’s got such wonderful pale skin and nice shapely breasts and I love girls with expressive faces like hers, oh and those boots totally rock!

BurningAngel: Sinead
BurningAngel writes:

I’m always looking for bands to feature in our movies and videos and all that good stuff, so after seeing this set of Sinead, I thought about asking her to play something for us. Unfortunately though, she’s just one of those people who likes to play make-believe on stage…she’s not really a drummer 🙁 BUT, she IS always rocking out, and she looks damn good behind a set of drums. That’s gotta count for something! Have a great weekend, everyone.

Joanna Angel

Photos by The Lovely Brenda

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    Her vagina is sexy, it’d be much sexier when covered in Vaseline. I would absolutely love to have Vaseline, girl/girl sex with her, she’s absolutely hot! It’d be so fascinating!

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