BlueBlood: Cuddle Monster Roxy Contin


Roxy is one of the best examples of the girls of Alt. She didn’t just play dress up one day to be cool on teh intarwebs. She really is wild girl into all sorts of creative projects and the Blue Blood crew has shot some of the most amazing stuff of her. I love her clothes and makeup, and the weird green fuzzy room is perfect for her. Her body looks fantastically sexy in these too! I can always count on Blue Blood to have some great stuff. These were shot for their Barely Evil site, but you actually get access to all their sites when you join the main Blue Blood one.

Roxy Contin Camouflage
SpookyBlog writes:

Would you still respect you me if I told you that Roxy Contin has the most perfectly tonguable scalp in the business? It’s true that this Barely Evil set amply showcases the rest of her perfection — tits, tats, PVC pants, knee-high platform boots, pink hair and extravagant eyelashes — but that scalp just makes me want to just crawl over there and lick her. Actually, I don’t care if you respect me. You probably didn’t respect me in the first place. Roxy rules.

Photos by: Amelia G and Forrest Black

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