Nerdpr0n: yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!


How exactly we missed Talk Like a Pirated Day, I’m not really sure, all I seem to have is a huge hangover. I must have confused it with Drink Like a Pirate Day! But, there are some cute AltPirates in the inbox that I figured you’d enjoy. Besides, it’s not very pirate like to be on time anyway. Arrrrrg!

Here we have Nerdpr0n Anna, who can always be counted on for a fun themed outfit. Looks like she’s going to end up three sheets to the wind, just like me. Maybe they should change the name of the holiday. I talk like a pirate when I’m drunk anyway.

Nerdpr0n: yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Nerdpr0n writes:

Arrrr! International talk like a pirate day was this week, me mateys, and here is a photo set of a beauty for ye! You might recognize this getup from a similar one I wore in the fabled pirate-ninja set with Gala. Enjoy!

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