BarelyEvil: Hello Kellie Looking Hot in Playful Pigtails


I am so kinked for cute pigtails on pierced girls and if that’s wrong I don’t want to be right. This new set on Blue Blood’s BarelyEvil sure makes me happy. Sexy Kellie has great tattoo work and I LOVE the kinky Hello Kitty panties and bracelet combo, along with alt fashion favorite striped stockings. I love her great tits and Kellie has the most amazing nipples as well. This is clearly a hot BarelyEvil update.

SpookyBlog writes:

It would be hard to look naughtier than black haired Kellie does in this BarelyEvil set, with her Hello Kitty panties, striped stockings and red sucker. But I bet Kellie would be stoked to try….

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