Question About Listing Photo Credits


Some sites are good about listing photo credits for their photo sets and some seem to only list credits if they are very impressed with the photographer. Historically, we at APN have usually not bothered to list photo credits since the information was sporadic at best, but more and more sites are making that information available. I like to know who created my favorite images, but I don’t know how common that interest is. Should we make more of an effort to report who shot the photo sets we report on or is in not really important to you the reader?

We’d really like to get some of your feedback on this.

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  1. Fedora

    I always give credit to the photographer / models / MUA / anyone involved. Models are not the only ones involved in creating images. I try to steer away from being involved in projects I am not proud of, and make sure the people involved feel the same way. Fedorasbox has a section called “F-Posse”; it is dedicated to everyone involved in the making of the content. I will be adding a search feature soon that enables members to search for stuff by certain togs or models or colors or themes. They are all important elements.

  2. jessy nix

    i definitely like to read all credits, not only the photographer, but anyone involved. in fact, at the moment i am quite mad at a website for not crediting my photographer. i mean, he didn’t get paid, is it too much to ask to credit him at least?? :-/

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