RazorDolls: Veronica Jett: Interracial DP


Forgive me for sounding like an Ikea ad here, but I’m starting to wonder if the mainstream adult video industry isn’t a bad influence on what is at least ideally a fairly open minded creative genre. Maybe I’m just overly sensitive or perhaps someone needs to call in the PC police on my location, but the whole making a ‘thing’ out of sex that’s ‘Interracial’ kind of just rubs me wrong. Veronica Jett threesome sounds hot. Veronica Jett gets double penetrated on video sounds potentially kind of exciting to watch. Interracial DP just sounds too much like traditional porn. RazorDolls usually has some cool stuff, so we’ll give them the benefit, but it’s certainly an issue worth giving some thought.

RazorDolls writes:

Well that lovely young Veronica just couldn’t pleasure herself alone. so she called over a couple of friends to help out. Enter, Hooks and King James. They will show her a good time Gangstah Style!

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  1. Mista Pnutt

    The scene with Veronica Jett was hot!!!! Honestly I don’t think that a Interracial scene makes alt-porn mainstream. In fact, they’re need to be more interracial scenes in the altporn genre because they’re are brothas (such as myself) who love alt-chicks. I think it would be subversively racist if the alt-porn genre didn’t allow interracial sex. I give props to Charlotte Stokely, Joanna Angel, and any other alt-porn actress who dares to do interracial.

  2. razordolls

    Im glad someone out there liked this scene and didnt freak out because we “strayed” away from the “alt porn” manifest. I really dont understand why there are all these people that complain when a site that never claimed to be “alt” but has been labeled that way deviates from the unwritten rules of alt. which in its self is a pretty hilarious concept, “the rules of alt” Wasnt alt supposed to be a concept where those who didnt want to follow the rules could gather and create freely?

  3. Ed Roth

    It may be a hot scene, but I think it really, really sucks that pornography makes racism into a fetish, and dehumanizes black men (not exclusively, of course) into being little more than big-dicked “gangsta” sex toys. For fuck’s sake, there’s a “mainstream” performer who actually goes by the name “Mandingo.”

    I don’t give a fuck if it’s “alt” or not; I still find it disappointing that RD would play up the sexually crazed black man angle. It’s bush league.

  4. Leila

    Porn generally does dehumanize people, weather its alt or mainstream. For fuck’s sake that gay-porn looking site, hole and a heart beat, reduces women to nothing but a hole. I find that a lot more blatantly offensive than just classifying a porn as interracial.

  5. vecktor1

    I love seeing that there are [still] adult oriented features like this out on the market as well as companies that make such…. Seeing that in the adult film industry, has just about…… “black balled” black males & black female in being in the business, it’s a welcomed sight, to know that companies such as this one, are challenging the racist conventionality, of the adult film industry… I will buy more like this one……

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