BarelyEvil: Zoe Matthews Flashes Everything on Busy Melrose Ave


It’s July and people should be out having fun, going to parties, and going on road trips to visit all the cool places they always wanted to. And it looks like some out of towners got an extra treat while checking out Hollywood hotspot Melrose Ave. this sunny summer day. Blue Blood trouble makers went on a walk on the ave’ with sexy alt-video star Zoe Mattews, and you know mischief had to follow. I think I’ve even been in that store behind her last time I was out that way. Outdoor flashing sets like this are really best when there are a lot of cool locations in the set and this girl not only opens her cute top all over the famous shopping district, she also flips up her tiny skirt and shows off her sexy perfect shave. Lots of people are clearly thrilled and that makes this a great BarelyEvil set.

SpookyBlog writes:

If you’ve got a thing for unbelievably hot punk chicks flashing in public, you’ll love this BarelyEvil set of Zoe Matthews frolicking on Melrose. I like her when she’s cockily tossing her multicolored braids, pulling up her black skirt to show her perfect pussy, or letting her camouflage top fall open to show off her amazing cleavage. But when she’s orally servicing a 1950s-style junkyard robot or tonguing a giant ice cream cone… then, my friends, I LOVE her.

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